About Korean in HD

Hey, I am Dong and I am from South Korea – Soul specifically. I am 35+ year old not-so-tall regular guy. But not so regular as you can think. Why not? Because I have created something what you probably love and are obsessed with. And that is this Korean in HD xxx page. I am glad that you read this About section – because not so many people who visit this kind of webs visit About section – so you are somehow special. And I don’t know how, but I appreciate your time to read these few paragraphs.

So, about me, or about the webpage first? Ok, me – I am working in IT industry where is the majority of coworkers men and that is probably the purpose why I am still single. Anyway, maybe it is because I am really shy and most of the time I am hiding behind the monitors watching Korean in HD. That could be the truth. Ok, so let’s be honest – I am working as an IT supervisor at one big international company (I will have to change this text – when they will find this, they will fire me – for sure!). And my job is not so boring but I am good at it so I am able to meet all my deadlines in 2 hours/day. And what then with all that free time? Good question, but I haven’t known the answer for a long 4 years. Then I was reading some “black” forums and I have found that many people have started their web pages in the porn industry. And I wanted to try it – so I immediately started to google all that is needed and then I have built this Korean XXX porn webpage – where you can find all the material what you love the most!

Ok, probably the last paragraph – I am too lazy to write it longer. Hmm – KoreanInHD.com is one of the most popular webpage (edit: 2019) which is focused on and obsessed with Korean girls and their beauty. I am including only the cutest girl from our country and that is why is this web so popular and unique.

I wish you nice watching!

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